"In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

– James 2:17

Welcome to the Mountain View Ministry of Wyoming, a modern cabin in the Bighorn Mountains for God’s Christian Servants to relax, rejuvenate, renew, and revel in the majesty of God’s Fingerprints

God made it abundantly clear to me that this is His cabin, for His purpose, that of serving those who serve others and promote His Kingdom.

So began the foundation for the Mountain View Ministry. My obedience to God is that of providing a place of rest for Pastors, Preachers, Ministers, Priests, Missionaries, Christian Counselors, and Ambassadors of Christ to recharge before returning to the mission field to save souls for Christ.

In this way, my Bride and I can reach needs and people around the world, we would not have otherwise met.

Ready to book your adventure of a lifetime?

Enjoy your stay at the Mountain View Ministry Retreat for up to 7 days once per year, free of charge. This allows others a fair chance to experience this beautiful part of God's country.


Things To Do While At The Cabin and Nearby

You'll find all sorts of things to do and enjoy during your stay with us at the Mountain View Ministry Retreat for the entire family. While there's a lot to enjoy at the cabin, sometimes you need to explore further and we have this covered! Check out the activities page for additional places to see. Enjoy your stay with us.

Testimonials from guests

Our past guests have left us wonderful reviews about their stay. Be sure to watch the videos we have on the website so you can see what the (good) fuss is all about!

Photos of the Mountain View Ministry Retreat

We hope you enjoy the images we have on the website. We tried to capture the exact scene or moment, however, photos cannot replace the actual visit. We want you to enjoy the fruits of your labor watching over your flock during the year, and we want to help you achieve this by offering a free mini-vacation in our beautiful mountain cabin. God bless!

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