Guest Testimonials

Read what our previous guests have to say about their visit to the Ministry Retreat

A True Blessing

This summer our family had the privilege of staying at Mountain View Ministry. Rick Scherer and his wife were given a true vision of what this ministry needed to be. With the beautiful Bighorn Mountains serving as the landscape, the scenery and lodging is absolutely second to none. We were blessed to have a week of reflection and renewing while there. It was a time that our family will never forget. The peaceful cabin and surroundings allowed us to disconnect from work and the many obligations that keep us busy. Rick and his wife have created such a blessing with this beautiful refuge. The Mountain View Ministry is the ideal spot for those who dedicate their lives to ministry. With the constant need to take care of others, we often forget or do not have time to refresh and take care of ourselves. This was a wonderful opportunity to do so. The people we meet are not by accident. It was no accident that God has placed Rick Scherer in our lives. Rick will forever be a part of our family.

Jeff, Lori, and Jeremiah Sargent

Amazing place

My husband and I went to the cabin 6 years ago. We had the privilege to meet Mr and Mrs Scherer. We immediately connected heart to heart. Their cabin is beautiful. They thought about everything to make you feel at home. The place is very quiet and the scenery is breathtaking.
We loved it so much that we went back in July 2023. We highly recommend it to everyone who loves spending time in God’s creation.
Pierre and Laurence

Pierre and Laurence Bezencon

More Than We Expected

As we planned a trip this year for our family, we decided we wanted to go out West, farther than we have ever ventured. In searching for accommodations, my husband discovered Mountain View Ministry. The offering of free lodging, in an area close to where we were traveling was an answer to prayer, a true blessing. When we arrived at Mountain View, we expected to have nice lodging for a few nights and do some hiking. What we received was so much more than we expected. On our first night, we were welcomed by Rick. He explained all that we needed to know about the cabin. By the way, it was a beautiful cabin with every amenity at our disposal. The décor was fitting for a mountain retreat and reflected the handiwork of Rick’s bride. As beautiful as the cabin was, the scenery outside was that much more amazing. Set up in the mountains, accessible to beautiful views and a variety of wildlife, this mountain retreat truly brought us closer to God and closer to each other.
What happened next, was even more meaningful. Not only did we have deluxe accommodations and scenery, but also a guided tour of the property. Rick was a perfect host, tour guide, and photographer. Our kids wanted to hike, and Rick delivered. He took us on an amazing 6 ¼ mile adventure, complete with rugged wilderness, rock climbing, dizzying heights, and astounding views. All the while, Rick took over 100 pictures of our family, so we have photos to cherish of our time in Wyoming. If you asked our children what the best part of our trip was (and we did go to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, and Devil’s Tower) most would say that Mountain View Ministry was the highlight. (My husband and I felt the same.) Rick not only guided us through the hike but ministered to us as a family by pouring wisdom into our children and giving encouragement to us as parents. We will never forget our time at Mountain View. More importantly, we are thankful to have a new friend. Thank you, Rick, for pouring into our family, so that we could have a retreat from the daily demands of ministry life.

Deanna Freels

Oasis for the soul…

Mountain View Ministry: an oasis for the soul. We soaked in the freedom of God’s beautiful creation by the sights and sounds of this mountain majesty. The laughter, tears, and the genuineness of Christian fellowship abound in our memories forever.  Rick is a mountain warrior with the humble heart of a servant.  We will forever be bonded in fellowship and prayer with him.  Our cups overflowed and we are ready to walk back into our missionary field – the world around us.
Much love,
Dennis and Robbin

Dennis and Robbin McKinzie

Stillness of the morning

In the beauty and almost total stillness of the morning….from time to time the aspen will flutter / quake.  I reflect on the beauty of creation and our awesome God we serve.  The location God has blessed you with is beautiful beyond description.  The cabin was and is beyond our expectations, it continues to say welcome and you are deeply loved.

Pastor Ernie and Emily

Perfect vacation

It was a perfect 3 days.

Pastor Kris and Family

Sacred week for our souls

This has been a sacred week filled with joy, peace, quiet, and renewal for our souls (and some wonderful hikes!).  I don’t know which is more amazing, that God has made such a wondrous world, or that he made us in such a way as to see God’s beauty, majesty, and goodness in it.  During one of the afternoon thunderstorms we experienced, I remembered the Hebrew prayer that is said upon hearing thunder: “Blessed are you, Lord God, King of the Universe, for displaying your power and might.”  For me, that’s been the refrain of this excellent week.”  “Your love has given great joy and encouragement, because you have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.”  Philemon 1:7.  It has been wonderful to stay at the cabin and be refreshed and renewed.  The silence and solitude were deafening at first – definitely a sign that we need to arrange our life to experience that more in the midst of busy schedules.  What a gift.  Your deep faith and trust in the Lord is evident in all you do and say; thank you for modeling the life of grace to us so beautifully.  “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…”  Isaiah 52:7

Pastor Bob and Mary
South Dakota

We are grateful

We are grateful for this incredible 5-day mountain view experience and encounter with Almighty God’s handiwork.  Thank you allowing us to come and rest, relax, renew, restore, and recreate in this warm, cozy, and most beautiful “lap of God.”  Thank you for the hikes, stories, adventures, caves, and campfires!  Each one was magnificent!!  May your dreams for this land come to pass.

Missionary Robert and Family

A place to recharge and rest

I don’t think we realized how badly we needed this trip until we arrived.  This place is majestic from every angle, even the 6 mile hike!  Thank you so much for providing us with a space to recharge and rest.  We played hard!

Pastor Caleb and Kristi

Quality family time

I feel like our kids come alive in this place looking for moose, having summer snowball fights, and exploring.

Pastor Kent and Family

Truly blessed

My heart is leaving full…

Pastor Kevin and JoRae

Proper balance of work and rest

This year had so many special moments.  1. Breakfast with you two at the wonderful hole in the wall place in Sheridan (Silver Spur).  2. Finding the other elk antler shed on your adjacent property.  3. Our wives celebrating their birthdays together.  4. Some amazing hikes on the rim of Heart Attack Ridge!  5. Watching that crazy adventure movie together.  6. Some amazing meals.  7. Our trip around the Bighorn Mountain Loop on Highway 14….breath-taking.  I am learning slowly what rest and retreat are about.  You two help remind this Pastor the proper balance of work and rest.

Pastor Bob and Robin


We have been so refreshed by our stay here! The cab is amazing and the scenery is stunning! Such a difference from Florida! The views from every window are off the charts! We enjoyed the scenic drive through Crazy Woman Canyon. The rocks and red-rocks were beautiful! We also really enjoyed your recommended adventure up to the fire tower on top of the mountain! This was our first time seeing the splendor of Wyoming and it is breathtaking! We enjoyed your books, popcorn, fully stocked kitchen with every pot, pan, dishes etc. This has been a wonderful rest filled with connecting with God and our family!

Pastor Paul and Family

God knew what we needed

After a wild summer of sickness it was the right amount of time to drive up, recharge and get some unexpected snow.  I know God was doing exactly what we needed even with His weather.

Pastor Lito and Family

Admire the power of God

I encouraged my daughters earlier this week to find ways to get from Creation to the Cross.  It is not difficult, in a place like this, to not just admire the power of God but, most especially, His Wisdom.  This has truly been a dream vacation.

Pastor Jason and Family

You made it possible

You have made possible that which was beyond me for so long.  In twenty years I have never been able to take my family on a real out-of-state vacation.  In nineteen years I have never had a real break from my beloved church.  In many months, or even years, I haven’t been able to truly find a time to rest and set aside many pressures and obligations.  And I had reason to believe I would not again see these mountains in the land of the living.  Your generous ministry and obedience to our Father has made this all happen for me and mine.  I have a debt of love and gratitude to you that I probably can only partially fathom.  Further, you have affirmed our own burdens for ministry.  I have never met anyone whose passion for hospitality reflect my heart cry.  You know how eroding the criticism of naysayers can be.  So thank you for spurring me onward to my part of this work.  And your testimony of endurance, hope, peace, and joy in the midst of trials is succeeding in showing all the power of the Gospel.  Your willingness to walk as our Father leads you seems like insanity to the lost and hardened but it is light and life to those with the eyes the Spirit gives (2 Cor 5:13)  I see Jesus in you!

Pastor Jason and Family

Wonderful retreat

We are very grateful to the Lord for you both and for Mountain View Ministries!  We always stand in awe at the beauty of God’s creation.  The setting here is a wonderful retreat from the busy day to day activities of ministry.  We and our kids have been so blessed.   This has been the best part of our vacation.

Pastor Brian and Family

Beautiful location

I cannot forget to mention the beauty and awe of this location.  This is truly God’s country and the best kept secret.

Pastor Manuel and Deborah

This cabin was so peaceful

To get away from the busyness of life and to be with the Lord out in this beautiful forest absolutely filled our cups and renewed our Spirit.  This cabin was so peaceful and allowed for such great intimacy with the Father and we feel so much more ready to return to India and continue to labor for our Lord!

Missionaries Tyler and Erin

God’s Sanctuary for His Shepherds

This truly is God’s Sanctuary for His Shepherds who need rest.  So peaceful, so beautiful…..truly a ministry after God’s own heart.

Missionaries Mark and Mary
North Dakota

Rest, refuel and reflect

After 8 years of ministry, your cabin was the perfect place to rest, refuel and reflect on lessons learned and the providence of the Lord.  We loved the hikes, coffee by the fire and the breath-taking view.

Missionaries Morgan and Bethany

Good Trip

This is so good for my wife and I.  Thank you for listening to the Lord!

Pastor Jake and Marcia

Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this precious get-away!  Though we are sad to leave early due to this huge snowstorm, every minute here was blessed and we are leaving holy ground!

Pastor Kevin and Family

Deeply Blessed

This Pastor was deeply blessed by your ministry.  I was personally refreshed.  We will continue to pray for you that our God “may supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ”  Philippians 4:19.  Our experience here at Mountain View was far beyond what we could have imagined or dreamed.  We loved every minute!

Pastor Josh and Family

So Grateful

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the last few days here relaxing, enjoying family time together and standing in awe of the Lord’s handiwork.

Pastor Brian and Family

Joyful Trip

We have been filled with joy and unexpected gifts along the way the last few days.  2 moose at Doyle Campground, almost catching a brook trout, awe inspiring runs and bike rides, the cool, refreshing water at Tie Hack, bread roasted to perfection over the fire, great ice cream in Ten Sleep.

Pastor Paul and Family
South Dakota

A new appreciation for God’s majesty and beauty

“I lift my eyes to the hills, from where does my help come? My Help comes from Yahweh, who made Heaven and Earth” Psalms 121:1-2. “That’s always been one of my favorite Psalms and being up here in the Bighorns gives me new appreciation for God’s majesty and beauty that He’s built into His creation.

Pastor Don and Tasha

Spiritual Rest

This week has given some heartsick people some much needed mental, emotional, physical and spiritual rest. We have been given fuel for our Spirit.

Pastor Jon and Family

Proverbs 11:25 says…

Proverbs 11:25 says “A generous person will prosper. Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” I think that you two reflect this verse as you take so much joy in seeing us be refreshed here.

Missionaries Luke and Mackenzie

Beautiful Cabin

You have given our family a gift that will last a lifetime. I can’t imagine a time when my children won’t look back and remember church in Crazy Woman Canyon, doing head dunks or hiking down to Poison Creek.

Pastor Kent and Family

Huge Encouragement

Your lives and your story and how you truly let Christ shine through you is a huge encouragement to us! We really can’t say thank you enough for not just opening up your cabin but your lives to us.

Missionaries Caleb and Ellie


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