Things you need to know

Being informed could save your life!

Things you will need and know about

Enjoy yourself. Wildlife & Hiking

  • Wildlife remain Wild…..Please do not approach or feed:
    Elk, Deer, Antelope, Marmot, Coyote, Bear, Mountain Lion, Moose, Badger, Eagles, Wolf
  • Never hike alone, always take pepper spray for protection
  • Children must be accompanied by adult when hiking
  • Respect God’s creation
  • Please stay on established trails
  • Please do not pick the wildflowers
  • Please do not disturb rocks or break branches off the trees
  • Please do not climb on Rim Rock, it is very deceiving and dangerous
  • Emergency only pooping in the woods, please bury!
  • Please do not leave food outside as it attracts critters and wild animals you rather view at a distance!

Other things you need to know

  • Travel directions: Please use the written directions to find MVM, the physical address via Apple Maps or MapQuest is not always representative of the actual location.
  • No cellular phone service available
  • Internet service is available for emergency WiFi calling
  • 33 miles to the nearest Emergency room (Buffalo Wy)
  • Please be respectful of neighbors, obey speed limit signs
  • Helmets are required when riding ATV’s or bicycles
  • Open air fire pit available when fire bans are not in force
  • Fires allowed in designated sites (Rings) only!
  • Absolutely/Positively No smoking or fireworks!!!
  • Fun is available EVERYWHERE!!

Things you need to know about Mountain View Cabin

  • Check-in after 2:00 pm
  • Check-out before 10:00 am
  • All electrical (less the Refrigerator) is controlled via an “On/Off” push button located at the entrance
  • Please push “Off” button when leaving
  • Please conserve, water is limited at 8000’ elevation
  • Please do not leave water running while doing dishes, brushing teeth, etc.
  • Please use the 5 minute shower light as a timer for shower length
  • Full home facilities
  • Refrigerator/freezer, full kitchen, full bath, wood stove for heat
  • Please treat cabin, property, kitchenware with respect
  • Please remove shoes at entrance
  • Barbecue grill available for use
  • Please close all windows during rainstorms and as you leave
  • Please do not litter
  • I humbly request help with cleansing and preparing the cabin for the next family. Historically, my Bride and I have performed all the cleaning, beds, etc.; however, now I am alone and appreciate your help in preparing / cleaning the cabin.
  • Recommended items to bring: Smiles, Groceries, Slippers (for use in the cabin), Hiking Boots if hiking, Light Jacket (early and late summer guests)
  • Notification of Arrival: Please text 307.660.0330 as you leave Buffalo or TenSleep. This provides me an ETA. Upon initial arrival, please proceed beyond the ministry cabin approximately 300' to the turnaround. I will meet you there and then walk back to provide your orientation to the cabin.
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